On the strada del Prosecco route which leads from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, we find Refrontolo, a small town nestled among the hills and framed by the vast expanses of magnificent vineyards.
Here you can visit charming spots such as the Molinetto della Croda, a mill that rises up alongside the river Lierza, where the waterfall turns the blades of the watermill.

Further up in the town of Refrontolo is the Tempietto Spada, a circular temple monument dedicated to the Madonna, built in 1800, destroyed during the Great War and salvaged in recent years by Nicolò Spada.


Via Liberazione 20 - 31020 - Refrontolo (TV)

Tel: 0438 978008

Il nostro ristorante è aperto da metà ottobre a luglio, venerdì e sabato sera, domenica di tutti i giorni e nei giorni festivi. Si raccomanda la prenotazione. La nostra azienda agricola e vinicola è aperta tutto l'anno.

Our restaurant is open from mid-October to July, on Friday and Saturday evenings, all-day Sunday and on bank holidays. Booking is recommended. Our farm produce and wine shop is open all year round.

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