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Our dishes are prepared using genuine, local produce. Take our pasta e fagioli (a traditional pasta and bean dish), for example. This typical, local dish is very well known in the area; many families have fed the mouths of their hungry, growing children with this nutritious dish. We use truly genuine products in our version: home-grown beans and homemade pasta using fresh eggs from our farm. 

Some of our specialities, which we prepare for themed dinners or traditional lunches, include:

  • Mixed boiled meats with slow-cooked boiled cotechino sausage and horseradish dip

  • Capon chicken in its sauce with beans all’uccelletta 

  • Bigoli pasta in a goose sauce

  • Roast goose with polenta

  • ‘Rosta’ pheasant

  • Mixed skewers


And much more!

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